Our syllabus is one of the most comprehensive and challenging you will find. The training that we do is both systematic and difficult but is designed in such a way that you progress at a comfortable pace. The following chart is what every adult will learn “under black belt”. The children’s syllabus, whilst based on this, is modified as not to overwhelm.

For the outside viewer it is important to realise that each student progresses at their own pace and builds upon previous knowledge and skill as they go. What you learn at the beginning at first may seem basic but it is the fundamental basis of your training as you advance through rank.

All colour belt testing/grading is carried out within the school and are held roughly every 3 months. To be eligible for promotion a student must show a good knowledge and level of technical skill in the material but also have a strong training ethic, demonstrate good etiquette in and our of class and maintain a good attendance record at classes.

The table below is the belt by belt syllabus of what is taught. However a number of different aspects form part of EVERY belt level and EVERY test/grading a student will take part in. These include:

  • Yea Eue (Ettiquette)
  • Soo Ki (Hand Strikes)
  • Johk Sool (Kicking Techniques)
  • Ki Cho Jah Ki (Fundamental Exercise “Wringing out” Ki)
  • Nak Bub ( Falling Techniques)
  • Sohn Ppae Ki (Escape from Wrist Grabs)

Jo Kyo Nim (First Dahn) – Junior (Age 12 & Under)


Jo Kyo Nim (First Dahn) – Youth (13-17) & Adults (18+)